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Originally Posted by TheBreeze View Post
1.) I don't know. All the parts have proper BMW part numbers, but I have no idea how far they'd go to make you happy. I'm certain the delivering dealer would be happy to install any and all parts for you at a nice hefty premium, but I'm also thinking you'd pay a pretty stiff install fee for the BMW PS as well. Personally, I'd order the car and the parts you want separately and let a good Indy install them (the mods you are talking about is mostly pretty easy DIYs, though the rear bushings and rear sway bar are a b!tch).

2.) Yes. The BMW PS replaces shocks, struts, front and rear bars. There's nothing left to replace :-). The control arms and bushings are the same between base and ZSP.

Your project sounds interesting and unique. Good luck!
Thanks again. Based on my needs, I may just stick with the Performance Suspension and have it installed as part of the original order so I only have to deal with BMW if anything goes wrong. I used to do more customization work to my cars (suspension, stereo, etc.), but there's always a decent hassle factor involved so I plan to keep it simple.

Considering the car I'm coming from (2011 335i Coupe M-Sport) and my goals this time around (lighter, simpler, nimbler), a 128i with "factory" PS and non-runflats should be more than good enough. Once you have to order a car (manuals are almost impossible to find in Southern California), you might as well get what you want!