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COBB AP installed! So sweet.

Received my COBB AP today, but waited to install it when I got home. Couldn't be simpler. Total install time probably was 10-15 minutes, between it saving the stock map to the AP, and then loading the new map. All I can say is wow! This is how the car should be from the factory. I honestly wondered if my turbo's even worked prior to this. Now, there is no doubt. The car is a 2008 6mt, all stock for now (FBO parts en-route). I installed the linear throttle sport map since I only have access to 92 octane here in Washington. Roads are wet and it is about 40 degrees tonight. Getting on a nice long freeway on-ramp it spun up a bit in second, eased out and shifted to third, laid into the throttle and third started spinning up. Down low the map feels almost OEM, the linear throttle isn't as touchy as the stock throttle. Over about 4k rpm is when you really feel the turbos start to build boost.

Couldn't be happier! Car does do some weird stuff during install, dash warning lights and gongs, which I expected after watching the COBB youtube video. One strange thing is the fan/pump noise you hear when the car wakes up (what is that anyway, sounds like its under the rear passenger side) goes on for almost 5 solid minutes during the install.

Now waiting on my catless DP's, FMIC, charge pipe, BOV, DCI, DP fix, and I'm ready to rock!