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Originally Posted by Pig Farmer
Use the center jack point for the front, and the differential for the rear (obviously not at the same time). Cut a couple blocks of wood to fit in the plastic jack points on the side so that the plastic doesn't rest on the jack stands when the car is lowered on to the stands. They sell aluminum blocks that fit into the plastic jack points but I didn't like the idea of two pieces of metal sliding around. I later figured out that my cheap jack stands would fit perfectly within the plastic jack points when the T-bar is removed from the jack stands. You may need to roll the front wheels up on to a 2x8 to fit the floor jack under the car.
So you put a wood adapter (that you made) on plastic jack points and put a jack stand underneath? How did you shape the wood to fit your jack stand? If you could take a pic, that would be greatly appreciated

But I don't have the tools to make a wooden adapter so I'll probably have to buy metal adapters and put a jack stand underneath which I am not sure how stable it will be