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Those stands are neat - I didn't realize anybody made ones like that. But before I spent $110 I would ask around for somebody to make me some blocks. Mine are just scraps of 3/4 baltic birch plywood cut to fit the openings. Anybody with a table saw could make a dozen of them in half an hour. You could make them with other tools but a table saw would do it very quickly.

My blocks from the stand are just two pieces. One is the same as the blocks that fit in the car jack points. The other is longer and narrower to match the top of the cheap HF jack stands I use. Pin nails and glue join the two pieces. Again, this is a trivial little project if you have a woodshop.

You need a buddy with some tools and a bribe to get him to do it. Not only is a wood solution much cheaper but the wood will not damage the plastic. If anything goes wrong the plywood scrap will be the thing to get damaged. I like that safety factor.

I also roll up on a 2X to fit an inexpensive jack onto the front jack point. I made tapered blocks of 2x4 that work fine. With the taper cut into the blocks I can push the car onto them by hand. The wood block doesn't have to be as wide as the tire, in other words.

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