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Originally Posted by froop View Post
I have a Procede rev3 installed and haven't gone the FBO route yet but I do plan to. I also have meth kit which I haven't installed.

The E85 maps sound really finicky on the Procede as as far as I know you can only run E85 maps or pump fuel maps and can't interchange them without uploading the alternate maps using a laptop.

I'd get flexfuel but there's no one in Sydney to flash my DME and I don't feel like sending it by airmail to Vishnu...

Can anyone chime in on how a Cobb with FBO and E85 maps can compare to a Procede with FBO and meth?
I have never tried out procede, but with cobb, intercooler and downpipes on the ots e30 map I was consistently running 12.0-12.1@118-119mph on stock runflats to give you an idea of its power capabilities. Damn, I'm starting to miss my Cobb as my car feels dormant without it lol.