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Originally Posted by benimin View Post
I've got an HK stereo and a similar rattle.. I localized mine to the interior panel on the passenger sides adjacent to the back seat. If I press lightly on the panel in front of the rear arm rest the rattle goes away. So I took it to the dealer for a fix.. they made the passenger side worse and "fixed" the driver side (which didn't rattle) without my approval and now I've got the rattle on that side too. Took it back again, another fix and they're both exactly the same. For now I've given up, but if someone finds a fix PLEASE share bc that rattle is the only niggle spoiling an otherwise perfect driving experience (mine's got 19,000 miles on it now bc I can't get enough).

I also had the squeak from the center armrest. I wd-40'd lightly between the hinges at the back of the armrest, moved it up and did the same from the front then moved it up/down to work it in. Because the gaps are so small it made a bit of a mess, but was easily cleaned and the it hasn't made a noise since (prob 6-8 months ago).
I tracked my noise down to the same location that you did. I plan on removing the panel and inspecting to see if there is any light interference between parts that could be wrapped in adhesive-backed felt or something similar.

I also have the occasional armrest creak when my arm is on it, too. It's not a major issue, though since I rarely rest my arm on it. But once it annoys me enough I'll try lubing it up like you did.

I'm also getting a new noise that sounds like it's coming from the seatbelt area of the B pillar. I really only hear it when taking off from a stop. Like the armrest, not a noise that is constantly occurring so not a major issue at this point.