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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho
I'm pretty sure that he thumped into it too hard when trying to dust your car. Do yourself a massive favor and wash your own car. I've had car washes have to buy me a new wheel on two occasions. It's not worth it and they will ALWAYS deny that it was them!
I suspect the same thing, I have a insured mobile guy that's good I always use, but I had some springs installed and they had a guy there that they recommended but he doesn't work for the shop just on their grounds. Sucks, I imagine this is of an expense level that would mean some bad things in his life so he'll undoubtedly deny it and I feel bad for him, I'm pretty young and have a nice car etc, seemed like a nice hard working young guy but near my age. Anyways.... Anybody ever had this antiglare portion changed? I'm hoping it can be done on its own and it won't be too costly
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