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^ The exhaust is definitely an 11! Let me explain to you my experience with various exhausts... My last vehicle, 2-1/2" with testpipes on a G35. Prior to that I had a Supercharged 350Z with the same exhaust (Borla). I know I cant compare the three vehicles but I do know what a good exhaust sounds like. The Berk Race AB is not a good exhaust; by its self. Again, this is just my personal opinion. I'm not 100% set on it being a crappy exhaust until I make some changes to the rest of the exhaust i.e MP/DP. Once these changes are complete then I could give a solid review!
But until then I advise you to please hear it in person! The cold starts are loud and very "cheap WRX" sounding. Once it's warmed it sounds like a Honda Civic with a decent exhaust (when's the last time you heard one of those?). There's drone all through the RPM's; it's gotten to the point where the only way I will drive the vehicle is in "paddle" mode because I can try to keep the RPM's up where drone is at a minimum! The harmonic resonance that this thing produces is comparable to a high pitch earth quake; so much that leaving my iPod in the cup holder closest to the arm rest, causes a "bolt loose" rattling sound within the cabin. I think you can see how much I love my berk exhaust .
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