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Originally Posted by 135Passion View Post
I think I want the Berk race on my 2009 135i but I've never heard it in person. I don't want to hate it like that guy but I'm used to loud exhaust. I don't want cops pulling me over all the time what do you think about the noise level? 1-10 scale? 1 being Honda civic stock, 10 being modded GTR haha thanks!
I drove mine to work today and when cruising (anywhere from 50 - 70 mph) I could barely hear it, and I have a convertible. And I have been next to cops with their windows open and they never even looked my way.

I must say I am baffled by the poster that hates it, says it sounds like a Civic, etc. - almost makes me want to believe there is a hole or something in the exhaust or something else is wrong. I listened to a lot of sound clips online and for the money I thought the Berk Race sounded the best, and still feel that I would like it a bit louder so I can hear it more when cruising.