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Optimum temps?

OK, so when it comes to my car I'm pretty OCD with mechanical sympthy and warm it up very carefully until the oil temp reaches about 100 degrees celsius (212F) before I start to boot it a bit.

Anyway, I just read through this thread where the OP is installing a Stett oil cooler kit with a thermostat that kicks in at 180F (82C).

Now, I'd been under the impression that the engine ought to be at the designed operating temp of approx 100C - 110C (212F - 230F) to be kind to it, and that driving it hard below these temps could be harmful, which makes me wonder why people want the oil temps to be so low?

Now, I'm guessing I've got it wrong, so can anyone enlighten me? Am I OK to start driving the car hard from 80C upwards? Or is it better to wait until the oil is fully warmed to over 100C?

Thanks in advance for any insight that anybody can offer.