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Yeah, mine probably finishes up at about 220F as my needle usually shows between 100 - 110C once fully warmed up over here. I just personally use 100C (212F) as the mark where I allow myself to put my foot down. Problem is, I'm almost home by then, so I don't get much time to have fun. Oddly, I have the opposite problem to most, in that my oil temps are never high enough!

In that Stett review though, the oil coooler would bring the temps back down to about 180F with normal driving, and it'd stay in that sort've region, which IMO would be too cold. If my car never got over 180F then I'd never be able to drive it hard, using the warm-up logic above. I'd never be able to get it over 180F either, as you need to boot it to get it over that figure, which is what makes me wonder if my thoughts on warm-up are correct?

Does the oil need to be at 220F to lubricate the engine properly? Will any harm be caused if I drive hard at 180F?