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Originally Posted by Drawn05 View Post
These are the 3 runs I have had that are the best 60', best ET and best MPH. For some frustrating reason, I can never get them to gel on a single run.

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Great launch (for me) but the car then shat itself (traction was off) so cost me a decent et,

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Pre-LSD and just 98RON but on 17" wheels. I think this is an acceptable time for a non-meth n54. This was the MPH I used to get a few months ago quite easily on just 98ron, now sits at only 111mph with similar launches?

Attachment 805878
Crap launch but at least the trap speed was up there again (last wed night - MS109)
The density altitude is a lot higher now with increased air temperature and humidity, hence traps down.
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