Thread: Optimum temps?
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Sure, it takes a while for the temps to get that high. But what I'm asking is what's the best temp for the engine to run at? I was led to believe that it should get up to 230F ish before driving the car hard, yet others are fitting oil coolers with thermostats that kick in at 180F, suggesting that you can drive the car hard at temps as low as that without any damage/extra wear. Either that, or people are fitting thermostats that are keeping their oil temps too low for the good of their engine...?

I mean, if you have an oil cooler that kicks in at 180F, and the only way to get the temps above 180F is to drive the car hard, but you shouldn't drive the car hard at 180F because it isn't up to operating temp, then you'll never reach operating temp and never be able to drive the car hard. That's what I'm not getting.