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Originally Posted by froop View Post
Glad you're ok!

I think European cars are made to take it from behind.

Before my 1er I had a mark V golf GTI and managed to get rear ended twice in a 2 week period. First one was a Hyundai excel. Bumper bent in half and fell off, radiator smashed and the bonnet was V'd. It was crazy. The only damage I could see was some minor paint scratches and a 10cm hairline crack but other than that it was invisible from about a metre away. I was booked to get my bumper replaced about 2 weeks later and 2 days before then I was rear ended by an E46. This time the damage to his car wasn't as severe but his bumper was still pretty messed up. I checked my car and literally couldn't see any additional damage. No scratch, dent, crack nada. Didn't even bother reporting it to my insurance lol.
Only if they're made in Greece...
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