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Originally Posted by Drawn05 View Post
These are the 3 runs I have had that are the best 60', best ET and best MPH. For some frustrating reason, I can never get them to gel on a single run.

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Great launch (for me) but the car then shat itself (traction was off) so cost me a decent et,

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Pre-LSD and just 98RON but on 17" wheels. I think this is an acceptable time for a non-meth n54. This was the MPH I used to get a few months ago quite easily on just 98ron, now sits at only 111mph with similar launches?

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Crap launch but at least the trap speed was up there again (last wed night - MS109)
I wouldn't worry about mph and ET lining up too much. Just make sure your car is running at its peak and focus on your launch and shifts.

I've been to the drags in my 135i a total of 4 times probably spaced out over a year. You can look up the times on drag times.

First time - 12.999
Second time - 12.7**
Third time - 12.2**
Fourth time - 12.173@113mph

The fourth time I went out was the first time I've dragged on 19 inch wheels and it was a waste of time as I spun all the way through 1st. Should have gone back the next week for a proper run.

Each time I got better but I noticed my traps would vary a lot. On some runs my traps were as high as 117.8mph but the higher traps were associated with my slower ET's. The best runs like my 12.173 had a low trap speed of 113mph, which is very ordinary.

Your trap speeds look really good so you definitely have enough power to get a really low ET, just get the launch downpat and try be consistent. Easier said than done though I know.

When I'm there I forget about ET's after a few runs and just want to surprise/smash some other cars I line up. More often than not, I'm usually the one getting surprised though But on some of these runs I happen to put down a really good ET so it's still a personal win.