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Front Spoiler Repair

I am trying to resurrect my Slek front spoiler after it was damaged during a high speed run and was wondering if there were any recommendations on who has experience in doing CF repair or if my ideas on how to address the damage is a bad idea.
The front lower ďchinĒ is scraped up a bit after dragging across the pavement but has not penetrated past the material. The rear top and bottom halves have separated across most of the back side edge. I was thinking I could fill the hollow center with insulating foam spray to resecure the top and bottom halves.
I am also trying to come up with a way to attach the front edge to the car which is as resilient as my OEM rear spoiler was without making it a permanent piece of the car (epoxy). The BMW double sided foam tape seems to be strong but I donít know if the body surface needs to be treated or conditioned first before you try to secure foam tape to it to generate a strong bond? My last attempt was to just use water and wipe it off on a 60-65F day which did not seem to work as well as thought it could.
Here are some pics to see what Iím dealing with.

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I loved the product on my car and appreciate any advise.
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