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Baby M with 442hp 499tq with ESS Stage 1 Gen 2 Tune w/Dynos

It's been a while since posting anything for the Baby M, but now that I have been running the ESS Stage 1 Gen 2 Tune it is worthy of posting up. This is their 2nd Generation of their Stage 1 Tune. It offers even more power and torque than the 1st Generation Stage 1 Tune, but more refined. The sport button functionality is maintained and the throttle response is instant. This was loaded using the ESS E-Flash cable which plugs directly into my laptop. Files are downloaded to the 1M in 10 mins or less. The beauty is that I can put the stock file back on the car in a matter of minutes if needed, for example if going to dealer for service.

As for the driveability with the Stage 1 Gen 2 Tune, the daily driving is the same as stock unless you feel the need to launch a rocket and then you just put the right foot down. The torque is incredible and pegs you into the seat, even the 295's for rear tires have trouble keeping the power down. There is next to no lag and the power comes on really fast and really strong. Just above 2,000rpms the car is a rocket with a smooth steep climb in power and torque. The hills around my house are no match for this added torque and power as the Baby M flies up the hills with ease! Drifting in the Baby M was easy before, but now it is even easier with the added punch. Overall the Stage 1 Gen 2 Tune feels more smooth with the delivery of power and torque compared to the Stage 1 Gen 1 Tune. As for the track, I have had this tune while on the Roval at Fontana reaching speeds of over 155mph on the oval and reeling in M3's all day long with no issues!

I am also testing out the ESS Stage 2 Tune which will be released soon, complete with dynos and reviews. I am also looking into upgrading turbos with ESS in the near future. The ESS Stage 2 Tune will be for 93+ fuel only and will be ideally designed for cars with upgraded downpipes and upgraded Intercoolers.

Here is the Baby M's stats and dyno for the Stage 1 Gen 2 Tune. Dyno runs were performed the same day on the same dyno at EAS.
  • Akrapovic Catless Downpipes
  • Eisenmann Full Race Exhaust
  • KW V3's
  • HRE P43S 19x9.5 and 19x10.5
  • IND Color Matched Grills
  • IND Color Matched Side Markers
  • Slek Lip Spoiler
  • EAS Carbon Mirrors
  • Fuel 93 Octane

Special Thanks to Tom and Steve at EAS for their Dyno assistance!

Based on using the standard 15-17% drivetrain loss the 1M Stage 1 Gen 2 Tune is making about 442 HP and 499 TQ at the crank.

Stage 1 Gen 2
MaxHP 380.74 MaxTQ 430.83
MaxHP 349.87 Max TQ 383.19

Video on Dyno

Let me know if you have any questions.

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