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Rant about Fields BMW South Orlando, FL

Well Ill start off by saying that I love my 135, and I think Ill be enjoying it for a long time to come. Hopefully.

I searched the internet for an available 135 in either Space Gray, or White for a long tme. I wanted to take advantage of the rates for the 09 certified cars that BMW was offering. I finally saw a couple I liked, but one had the shadowline that I love. (I hate chrome).

I took the 2 hour trek to Orlando, and got there a little past sundown. The dealer seemed shady right from the start. They started to deny the internet price of the car saying that they had to invest some more money since the posting for the certification.

I drove the car, and it drove tight, and strong. I took a quick look around the body, and noticed the headlights had stress cracks from someone using Laminex on the headlights. (This covering while protecting the outer lens does not let the plastic expand and contract with the heat. That causes small cracks that are invisible when the lights are off, but very pronounced when they are on.)

Anyway I advised them about the lights, and they insisted that they will clear up if I get them buffed, LOL. I told them its a sticking point because headlights are one of my pet peeves when it comes to cars. They promiced and said they would "handle" it if they wouldn't clear.

I noticed a ticking sound coming from the engine, and the salesman said it was normal on the 1, and it shouldn't be an issue.

With some back and fourth between them and I, I got the car for a price I was comfortable with, and took the car home.......... And that's when it all started to show its ass.

I woke up in the morning (it was raining) and my third brake light was on the floor in pieces, and water had gotten in the trunk. I called Coggin BMW here locally and they took the car in because of the recall. Once there they noticed that the brakes had about 10-15% life left in them. They replaced those without charge.

I finally took the car to a professional for the headlights to get cleared, and just as I thought, he said the damage was inside. I called Fields BMW and they gave me the runaround. When the survey came in, I gave them bad scores so they called me back a few days later. The salesman was very rude, and cursed me out because he said this would cost him. I told him to go fuck himself, and called BMW USA. They are handling the situation, and Im still waiting on an answer.

Last week the ticks got worse, and I did some reading about some waste gate issues. So I called Coggin again, and now my car is getting both turbos replaced.

My point to all this is, the Orlando dealer said they invested over $4300 in the car to be able to certify it. But alot of the issues that have come up are part of the checklist. I would stay far away from Fields BMW. My local dealer here is very mod friendly, and has stood up to the plate to take care of the issues.

/rant. I feel better now.

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