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Originally Posted by Jmanscotch View Post
My thoughts; unless you plan on auto-x or driving events, go with cosmetic first.

Why? You're in college, the car is already quick. More go fast parts lead to tickets, insurance hikes, gas use...all which cost more money that you don't need to spend while getting your education. Cosmetic mods will get bitches (which leads to money spent too...but worth it).
Made my day today. It is true though. Car is only going to be daily driven, at least for now, so might as well go cosmetics.

Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
Since the car is already quick, I would look at things to help apply that power like different tires and suspension modifications. After that, then maybe consider a tune for additional power.
Tires is next on my list. Current tires is almost worn out. What tires would you recommend? I've searched the forums, I couldn't decide which one, but I'm kinda leaning towards PSS. It is expensive though.

Originally Posted by Mr.Brown135 View Post
The car is plenty fast, if you do cosmetic mods, you will get to enjoy them everyday by just looking at the car. Performance mods, you can't punch it everytime, it can lead to tickets or jail time if you do something insane on public roads. If you are not really tracking the car, I don't see the point in doing performance mods, as you can't fully utilize the extra power on public roads. As a matter of fact, you can't fully utilize the power of the stock car on public roads!
Yep, I love looking at it every day. It makes me want to drive it every single day, even if I don't have plans to go anywhere.

Originally Posted by JimD View Post
I think CD changers are obsolete. You can have 100 CDs or more of music available electronically. I've only done tires when I needed them and cosmetic stuff so far. My car is a 128i and I think it's adequate. It will probably get a Magnaflow exhaust and possibly an intake but I'm not in a rush. tinted windows will probably come first (for lower temp in the summer mostly).

Ya, I get my music from my iPhone. So CD changers are kinda useless, at least for me. Do you consider the exhaust as a cosmetic mod?

Originally Posted by Gray_Panther View Post
Bro I got a new 1er in the summer after graduating college.
Get a suspension upgrade. Do some DIY cheap mods like black grills or debadge for a cleaner look.
Low and clean like the other poster mention gets bitches. And bitches are the best.

But don't slam it like a mkIV GTI. Glad I didn't go that route with mine.
I don't like slammed cars so I would never ever slam mine. I mean, what's the point of upgrading the suspension if you're just going to slam it. Upgrading the suspension means you want to improve the handling etc.. isn't? That's why I don't get some people who likes to slam their car..

Originally Posted by Rodzilla View Post
I'd go with suspension/cosmetic mods first. What school are you going to? I'm going to Nova up in Davie.
I currently go to FIU/MDC, finishing my prerequisites. NSU/UF in the next few years for Pharmacy School.

Thank you for replying guys!

Also, I forgot to mention. I kinda have some cosmetic mods already, such as the BMW Performance Spoiler, BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps, and BMW Performance Black Grille. My car came with it when I bought it from the dealer. Then recently, I added an Active Autowerke Performance Tune, I just couldn't pass up a 90% off deal. Plus an Active Autowerke Charge Pipe, because I heard that the charge pipe for the N55 is prone to cracking, etc..