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Originally Posted by 135
I was looking at extending my warranty for an additional two years so I called Brisbane BMW yesterday and they quoted me
$5503 1yr
$6491 2 yr
$7700 3 yr
because it was a "high performance" vehicle What a joke and rip-off, especially considering the quotes others have received were as low as $2400 for 2 years.

They then immediately offered me a 20% discount bring the price to
$4402 1yr
$5192 2yr
$6160 3yr
Still laughable and not worth it too me at those prices. Still more than double the $2400 quotes.

btw, this was for the BMW-branded Allianz-backed warranty with unlimited kilometres and Roadside Assist included (the latter for which I received a separate letter to extend for $116 per year).

I might try Toowoomba (and maybe Motorline) BMW on Monday as I only have until next Friday to arrange extended warranty, if I decide to take it up - still undecided whether to do this or not.

IF I didn't take out the extended warranty and, over the next two years, I had to claim for a couple items at $1000-$2000 each (e.g. the steering wheel sensor mentioned above and maybe a HPFP), then there wouldn't be much difference either way (I'd just cop the extra few hundred dollars for not having taken out the extended warranty). A couple of the high costs seemed to be around these prices. I'm not sure what other items have a high replacement cost . Also, with modifications, there may only be a limited number of things that could be claimed anyway, so, in this case, I presume motor and turbos wouldn't be covered, which could reduce the advantages of the extended warranty.
Second biggest waste of money IMHO