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Originally Posted by blutattoo View Post
Ummm, where did you hear that the Dunlop's were faster than the RE-11's? I haven't seen any tests suggesting such a thing. Tire rack did a comparo of 9 different tires but didn't include the RE-11's and the lower rated S-04's finished second in that comparison and the Z1's finished 8th out of 9 tires. If the RE-11's were included stands to reason they would have finished even higher. The Z1's may be really good for auto-x, but on the track I've found the RE-11's and PSS's to be quite a bit quicker.

Here is the link to the story.

I haven't personally tried all of those tires, but the RE-11's have been the quickest I've tried on the track so far.
All that test tells you is how the tires stack up their first auto x run hardly any heat in the tires. R-S3, Z1SS, RE-11, ect don't give you all of their grip until you get a good amount of heat in them whereas the S-04 and other max performance and UHP tires are giving their full grip at these lower temps. They need to run a test on a road course or for several consecutive auto x runs to truly compare the tires in a way most people who buy them are concerned with. The only reason the S-04s finished 2nd is because that test ranks tires overall which includes their road manners. I dont care how a tire ranks overall, I care about the raw dry performance numbers.

Also this kind of testing isn't very accurate in that every tire has a "sweet spot" and needs to have the car set up and pressures set specifically for that tire. These tests are done with the manufactures suggested cold pressures for the OEM tires and OEM alignment... not ideal. I know it will never be viable to test tires like this as it takes way too much time and effort but I just had to mention it.

The testing that Andrie Hartanto and his team have done with the Z1SS, RE-11, AD08, and R-S3 have led me to believe that the Z1SS is faster than the RE-11 (at least in the dry). Their testing has indicated that on a track (road course) the the R-S3 is hands down the fastest, then Z1SS, then RE-11, then AD08. In the wet the RE-11 is fastest and as a daily driver it is the best tire and lasts the longest. Results could vary as the compound may not be the same across the different tire sizes.