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Originally Posted by blutattoo View Post
I suppose to each his own, but I have a buddy who is a racing instructor at Exotics Racing in Vegas and they use the RE-11's over everything else on all of their track cars except for the Ferrari 458 which doesn't have a compatible size for the RE-11's. He says they have tested every type of tire and hands down they prefer the RE-11's due to their combination of grip, predictability, speed, and endurance. They could use any tire and they choose these even though they are the most expensive tire out there. They have them equipped on Lambo's, GTR's, Vette's, Porsche's, Aston's, Ferrari's, you name it. Not only that they are not sponsored by Bridgestone so they purchase them just like anyone else. That speaks volume's to me.

I have a set of both RS-3's and RE-11's equipped on Apex wheels and both are almost identical in performance on the track with the RE-11's having a slight edge while cold and the RS-3's having an edge when they are hot. In the middle they are just about even. I loved the feel of the PSS's best, but on high speed sweepers and under braking they just weren't anywhere near as good. I have the z1's on my e36 and they just don't compare on a track to any of these, but for auto-x or spec racing I'd take them over just about anything because the tread wear rating allows you to run them in a stock class. Maybe the new ones will be their equal who knows, but the old ones are just a notch below.
It doesn't surprise me that they use RE-11. I have them on one of my sets of wheels and they are a great tire, especially to learn on. They give a lot of audible feedback (screeching) so you know when you're getting close to the limit whereas my R-S3 don't make any noise until Im sliding. Like I said before the RE-11 outlast any of the others and are hands down the most friendly towards unexperienced drivers largely due to the audible feedback but also the predictability.

Also just to feed my curiosity... how old are the z1s on your e36 (date stamp)? and they are the z1 star specs not the regular z1 right?

On a side note, I see you're from Sacramento and head out to Thunderhill. When is your next track day? I may be out there this friday with Performance Technic and Im signed up for Feb 8 with NCRC. Hope to meet you out there soon!