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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
thought i'd add mine to this thread since i just finished (save making a new one too):

$26/can shipped ($104 shipped for 4) blaze orange.. it took one can per DECENT coat, for all 4 wheels, did 3 coats, have a can left over for touchups in a few days (if the tire change causes any damage).. or if i feel like doing my mirror caps :P

narrow angle because the center caps are all sprayed over (replacing them on tuesday, new tires too)

did them on the car, 4 shopping bag covering the calipers and rotors, 4 bits of cardboard covering the overspray on the body:

it's not a PERFECT finish, but for the 1/4 cost of a powdercoat and not having to take them off the car.....:

love the colour, definitely going to get my next set powdercoated orange