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Originally Posted by syenisch View Post
If you're just getting into tracking for the first time, I would just go out on the Arc-8's and PSS's for an event or two and see if you get some clarity. You might find you're satisfied with the performance and don't want the hassle of a second set (you'd have to change them at the track if they're R comps). I have been tracking on my stock 261's with 235f 255r for a few years now and am happy enough with the performance and cost savings to not get a second set. After all, the best mod is the guy behind the wheel. Get some experience first and then see if you want to make changes.
You're right...I get all that. As I said I've done some racing in other sports and the biggest improvements came from knowledge and experience. However I've also had a few sport bikes and motards and once I started running gp tires I never ran anything else. So honestly I was thinking 215cm of sticky race compounds would be better than 255cm of a moderately grippy street tire.

I also don't live far from the track, so changing them at the biggie.

Oh, and my Arc 8's don't have the TPMS sensors
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