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Originally Posted by blutattoo View Post
Hah, that's cool I'm with NCRC at Laguna Seca next weekend, well Monday anyways, and Thunderhill Feb 8th so I'll see you there. I love racing with NCRC. Cool guys and cheap fees. I think I'm in point by or open can't remember, but we could ride with each other when we are not on the track. Hopefully it won't rain on us.

I do have the Star Specs on my e36 they only have about 1500 miles on them since I don't drive the car that much in the winter they are still fairly new. I like them the best for auto-x since the tread wear is above 180 and they are way cheaper than the RE-11's. For auto-x I can't see them being much different so might as well spend less for the same performance. Plus I'm gonna cage and gut the car and the class I want to run only allows a tread wear rating of 200 or greater.

Yup NCRC days are always fun. Ill make sure to find you and say hi on the 8th. Ill be in open so if you're in point by it would be great to do some ride alongs!