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Yes, the brakes are more than sufficient. I have had a 2012 128i coupe for a little over a year and have done three track (HPDE) weekends with it. The only thing I did was to change the brake fluid to Motul 600 after the first HPDE b/c of a spongy brake petal. The stock BMW pads will fad toward the end of a 20-25 session, but that is to be expected of any street brake pad...I really can't see getting to that point on public roads. I will eventually go to a "race" brake pad for the track, but for now I can't pass up BMW replacing them for free. First full brake job @ 7500 miles & 10 months for question asked. Actually the SA thought is was pretty cool I was getting the car out and really driving it. Just ask if you have any more questions.