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seems like you have your mind already made up but I must say I can't agree with your decision. a sticky 215 can't make up for contact patch plus the extra sidewall is not going to help especially since you don't have camber plates. there's a point on diminishing returns and with you going to 215's you have certainly passed it imo. you would be surprised how adequately sticky the PSS' are. personally I tracked my car on the RFT's when I first started and even the RFT's had very decent grip plus plenty of my track buddies tracked their cars on PSS for a year or two. I say go out and try out the PSS on the apex wheels first
No...I didn't word that very well, I've abandoned the 7" wheels and will run my current Apex setup and see how they do. I scored on the tires ($400 for all four with 9/32" tread left) so they'll have been pretty economical if I get a few track days out of them and a few thousand miles on the road. I was just suprised that the consensus was that the race compounds weren't the better choice despite the smaller size. Frankly it's much easier to run one set as was said...I'm all for it if there's nothing to be gained.

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