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Stalling an auto diesel E87

Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone has come across this issue as its all tumble weeds on the rest of the net!
Car: 2007 120D with 48000Ks AND ITS AN AUTO!!!!!
Symptoms: Car stalls when warm only once then fine. Never happens when cold, will normally stall within 5 min after starting the car when its warm (ie. gone to shops, then back into the car). Car restarts with no issue and all other driving is fine. No dash lights show when it stalls, just cuts out. AC fan and radio stay on when it dies.
Whats been done so far: Computer fully reset, no codes showing.

Its a very random issue as we drive the car with no issues on many trips and only occasionally (like every 4th trip) it will randomly stall. Doesnt stall at speed either, normally when driving very slow or at traffic lights etc.
Any suggestions?????

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