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First post / BSM 1m

Hey Guys ,
I joined a while back and have been lurking - really enjoy the conversation . I've been considering a 1M for a while and have kept an ear open for a low or no-option car . I'd say VO is my 1st choice followed by BSM so this car intrigued me - especially since living in western CT it's only an hour away . This car was on as stated earlier with the price being changed up /down several times . I think I recall it being as high as 56-57 and it was priced at 43 when it was removed a couple weeks back . Doesn't appear 48 worked on e-bay . The odo issue with Carfax may have contributed to a sense of wariness and the lack of options may turn off buyers too . Would the mods on this car void the warranty if it was in for service ? I seem to recall some posts a month back or so stating that those who had contact with the seller felt he wasn't serious about selling or was hard to deal with .