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Some comments....

Originally Posted by JimD View Post
Recovery from understeer is easy, get off the gas and wait until the tires hook up. You don't even need to totally release the pressure on the gas pedal, just stop trying to go faster, you can't.
... and/or reduce steering input. Steering less in an understeer situation will help you to turn more.

Safest way to practice outside of a school is a parking lot with snow. Turn of the stability control and try a few.
Safest way (asides from Grand Turismo ) is an autocross or other local safety school. Our local BMW club offers both the Tirerack Teen Street Survival school as well as general car control clinics in addition to a full autocross schedule. Both the Teen Street Survival school and the car control clinics usually offer a skid pad where one can safely experience under- and over-steer with an instructor explaining both.

Check your local BMW CCA chapters to see what your club offers.