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PurpleHeart's 135 Journal

UPDATE: 2/10/2013 - Post #29 --> Tint/CF wrapped roof teaser
UPDATE: 2/4/2013 - Post #25 --> Downpipe Install/Technical input would be appreciated.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my 135i Journal. If you are a car enthusaist you'll come to enjoy this thread. I intend to produce a crowd pleasing head turner with my recently added 2009 Space Gray 1. Enjoy the ride!

First, a little background on myself. My name is Kiva, I'm 23, and I live in Western New York. I know the whole age thing on forums for whatever reason gets brought up so I'll just get the explaination over with. I joined the Marine Corps when I was 19 and became a Rifleman (0311 for those of you who understand the MOS system). While I was in I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 I became part of the most offensive mission in the war to date. I was in Marjah fighting for 5 months before my luck ran out. While on a foot patrol on May 20th, 2010, we were ambushed and I had a roadside bomb detonated on me. (That's the story behind my username) Ultimately, this lead to my retirement from the military and onto life.

Quick pictures:

Im starring at my buddy putting on chap stick like a creeper

Now, onto why we are all here in the first place, Cars. To begin I am I'll shed some light on my previous adventure. When I got back from my deployment I had to get behind the wheel again to escape. I loved the 1 series before, however, I stumbled across a 2008 Subaru Sti which I had to have. By the end of my journey with it it had a built bottom end powered by an externally gated, dual ball bearing, gtx3582r with over 400awhp. This car was a blast until... It blew up. I lost the motor recently and have no desire to rebuild that car again. Well, here it is: (Feel free to ask any questions on this car as well)

Powered by:

Finally, onto the reason we are on a bmw forum. Within a week of finding out my Sti had blown up I found myself behind the wheel of arguably my first truely desired car, a 135i. This car is a 2009 Space Gray 135 that came with 19,994 miles. Due to being blown up a few years ago and driving the built Sti for a few years the condition of my back and hip deteriorated so I got the automatic. However, lucky for me, I landed this car with paddle shifters so I can still enjoy the experience of a manual minus the clutch. I know the power is limited by the tranny, but beyond the point I intend to take this car which is ok with me. I'll throw some pictures in here to get the almost stock looking car over with and then go over my intentions for it. Enjoy!

And this pic has my 1, my brothers z4m, and my Sti which has been sold and just waiting to be picked up.

Now, for the fun stuff and what this thread will become. From experience I see a lot of people getting a car and setting the bar really high for it from day one and then they fall short and the thread falls into the depths of the internet. However, due to the nature of my situation I promise a speedy transformation on this car. Like I said, the Sti has been sold and a good chunk of that is going towards making the bmw a head turner. I am making two sections for now, "Already done" and "Still to come..." with subsections. I think that is pretty self explainatory. I also enjoy taking pictures and hope to get better at taking them over time. And finally, my brother and I being long time enthusiasts also enjoy doing some custom work so that should also be rather entertaining. So, here is how this car should unfold:

Already Done:

1/5/2013 - Drive the car away from the dealer with 19,994 miles.
1/10/2013 – Install BMS DCI
1/11/2013 – Install BMS JB4 and BMS Angel Eyes

Still to come:


AA Downpipes
FMIC (Brand TBD)
Catback (Will be custom made by myself, likely quad tip)
CP-e Charge Pipe w/ Tial
KW Variant coilovers (Likely 1's, I wont be tracking and just aiming to lower it to a perfect height)
Meth (This is the big MAYBE in this section, on the fence still...)


Tinted windows
Slek CSL CF Trunk
Slek CF "M" Hood
CF Front lip (Brand TBD)
Roof spoiler (Brand TBD)
CF wrapped roof
LCi Blackline Tails (Potentially will smoke these)
Rear valance (Holding off depending on the exhaust, dual vs quad)
Wheels (See below)

AA Downpipes

This is what I have lined up for now. And yes, for those of you who are scratching your head right now wondering what wheels I'll be going with there is reason they haven't been mentioned. I am undecided for one. However, I am also working with HRE among other companies because I will have these made at the desired specs that I want. Also, I don't want to ruin everything off the bat

I hope you enjoy what you have seen here so far, and hope you keep checking back for updates. As mentioned, this is a large transformation that would usually fall short. However, as promised, once the Sti goes you'll see almost an overnight switch.

Thanks for looking!

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