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BMS DCI's and OCC installed, what a PITA!

I guess I'm realizing as I get older, its sometimes better to pay to have things done. Had the dual cone intake and oil catch can sitting in the garage and decided, what the heck, the directions look easy enough. First off, the connections that BMW uses on the PCV hoses are a real pain. It probably took me 15-20 minutes to get the stock hoses off. Second up, the hose BMS supplies that is curved to go on the OEM valve in the car does not go willingly. I heated it with a heat gun, no go. Rubbed a little spit in there, no go. Finally, ran my finger around the inside of the hose with some motor oil on it. After much grunting (swearing) and sore hands, I got it on to a point that I feel is "far enough". It doesn't seem to want to come off, so I guess its on. The rest of the install is relatively easy.

Next up, the DCI's. Forward filter is simple as pie to install. The rear one you are fighting the wiring loom to get it in there. After making sure it was in far enough I got it good and tight, fine. Well, now the wiring is in a position that I don't think the cowl will go back on the car. Had to fight with that thing a bit. It seems that filter closest to the firewall really pushes on those wires, pretty snug back in there. Finally managed to finagle it all back on, but the cowl was reluctant.

The good news is after buttoning it all back up I took it for a drive and no SES lights. As far as power, I don't notice much difference, nor do they sound much different. I imagine when I get my FMIC and DP's installed (if they ever ship them out to me) the filters will make more of a difference.

FWIW, if BMS says any part of the install may be "difficult" or tricky they aren't kidding.