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Originally Posted by comar1979 View Post

but i ordered a Set of bronze Wheels for my red car, so maybe "we" are just "different"
I bet they'll look great! Post some pics when you can!

Originally Posted by Rowdy View Post
comar1979.. the bronze or gold on a red car ALWAYS looks boss! Post pics when you've got them on

As for the OP. I dig it! Would have personally gone gold over the entire wheel.. but thats growing on me too
Thank you! These aren't custom painted, and they're for winter, so I just bought them as is...

Originally Posted by 135IS View Post
Looks like the other really popular look. lm reps...
Yeah I know. The gold is at least different. There really aren't many nice looking wheel styles for this car. Everything is either CSL, LM, or something butt ugly or boring. Notice how that's already been brought up in this thread.

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