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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
Another fellow novocastrian bmw enthusiast would be good, as there aren't too many of us up here!!

Its a neat looking daily and it shall be interesting to see how this project pans out!
Yeah, not so keen on that myself. It seems to be the bogan boy racer capital of the world. Walking around the ghost town that is the CBD, every 2nd car is either a sub 2L hatchback with a bodykit and 'fully sick zorst' or a V6 V? commode with similar zorst of fully sickness.

Back in early December, walking along the footpath by Merewether beach, some sub-human p-plater driving past flicks a cigarette at and screams loudly at my 7 months pregnant wife...for no reason....really scared the hell out of her. Just plain evil if you ask me.

I hate to sound like a snob but it just seems to be Mt Druitt with a beach.

I dont think I will actually get around to doing any further mods to the 125. The thing is that it looks the goods, but really feels choked when you give it the beans. There is more power to be had but it would certainly cost a couple of grand at least to extract and would be better spent on the 135i. I have a little one now so will just leave the car as the family runabout - until my wife gets sick of the E82 limitations. I am surprised at how much stuff you can actually fit a 1er - but if we get to 2 kids, it might be goodbye coupe.