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Originally Posted by ZLuxuryLife View Post
Best I can do in the dark! Can we count it? (yes this was just taken haha).

Let's see a picture of your 1er with your pet in it / out it!

I'm very disappointed.

I can't believe I am the only one that seems to have a problem with both the fact that this pic is beyond a reasonable stretch and that everyone just "rolled" right along through and continued playing the game.

The pic is of a sign at a community that seems to have a golf course. I am in Las Vegas with many of these golf-residential communities, which allow the residents to drive their carts to their homes, hence the sign.

What's next? "Pic of a car at a hospital" completed by a pic of the car next to the "H" sign on the side of a freeway x-amount of miles from the hospital?

If we are going to allow this game to get and become this vague then I am no longer interested in playing.

I do want to point out that I do give credit to the poster for their attempt.
This is not a community, and is NOTHING like Vegas. This is a private course on Long Island called Huntington Country Club. The reason I shared THAT specific picture, is because it was the only thing my camera was able to catch that proved 'golf course'.. It was dark if you didn't notice, and it's pretty tough to shoot openness in pitch black. If you'd like, I have some shots of my car that looks like it's in a desolate void from the same time and the course.

If you'd prefer, and like to match up the lighting / windows of the clubhouse with this picture from their website, by all means!

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