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Originally Posted by 1speedbike View Post
Also lucky for you, you have a 2009 auto. The 2008-2010 steptronic can take a lot more torque than the manual tranny or the 2011+ DCT. I'm running meth on my 2008, 65K miles, 3/4 of which were tuned, 10K or so with meth, no problems at all beyond the problems that occurred on even stock cars, not notably the high pressure fuel pump / fuel injectors. The HPFP was replaced twice, the second time with some injectors, and also with a software upgrade @ around 25 or 30K miles, and no problems since. Runs great.

Your plans sound very similar to what I've done with my car (though I don't have nearly everything you listed!). Definitely keep us updated regularly with what you do to the car.

Welcome to the forums! I see you're in the NYC area, so if you have a facebook you can search up "Tri-State 1Addicts" and join if you want to hang out and stay updated with local meets etc. Glad you're home (and with all your limbs ) Thank you for your service!
Correct me if I am wrong, but from what I've seen around you dont want to take these auto's beyond 450tq. Yes?

Thanks for the invite, I'm actually from Rochester so about 7 hours from NYC. If I'm out that way I'll shoot you a PM for sure though.

Thanks for the welcoming everyone, I wont dissappoint.