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Originally Posted by Adam135 View Post
Tire dressing for the interior? First time I've heard of that.
Yeah! It works great have been using it on all of my cars.
Not only will it protect the plastic but also lubricate it and it dries clean and not shiny and greasy.

Here is what you do.
1) Wash car!
2) Celan interior of all the dust and crap you get in there.
Now here you have an option
You can
3a) Liberly spray the crap out of the interious of the car doing your best to avoid all the glass in the's hard to do but you can do it.
4a) Allow it to sit for a solid 5 min or 1 bottle of beer...your call.
5a) Wipe off.
6a) Drink beer and enjoy results!

3b) Take black magic tire clearer pour into cup
4b) Use a light paint brush...I kid you not..paint the surfaces of the car...with black magic
5b) white off
6b) Drink beer and enjoy results.

The car will have a nice black finish to it.
It will have that "new car" smell
and best of all your plasic bits will be quiet.