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Originally Posted by MMisencik157
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Would you say that it's deep and throaty though? I'm worried about the "cheap" sound like I just poked a hole in my muffler or something
Well- I asked the guys there and this is what they said: If you get the Catless downpipe first and run it with the stock exhaust: You will have a slightly deeper tone, and some drone between 55-65 mph.

If you then add the street axleback exhaust, while sticking with the stock midpipes (and a catless downpipe)- you have a very very livable setup with a deeper tone.

The midpipes would only deepen the tone.

Makes sense to me to have these ordered in parts to get the tone you want, since the shipping is free for us for a short while.

Exhaust preferences and opinions are highly subjective so it's nice to be able to change pieces of the exhaust so that the end result is something that is tailored for you . This video compares some different options available from Berk to achieve different tones and volumes. I personally love the sound of the full race exhaust at the end, but Ive always been a fan of aggressive sounding cars.

Such an awesome response, it's definitely going to help me choose the one I want. I'm leaning toward the full race exhaust (so that's the black race axle-back and the midpipes) with stock down pipes. I don't want to trade off deepness for noise (meaning I don't want that cheap raspy really loud sound) but more a deep aggressive tone that tickles your ears when idling and aggressive WOT. I think Berk offers me this with the full race. I'd be able to pass smog with the full race setup right? Because there's no muffler I'm wondering.
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