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Originally Posted by ZLuxuryLife View Post
First, bashing where I live is not going to get you anywhere with your point.

"Nothing" like Vegas. Which part?
We have many golf courses here.

Second, EVEN YOU asked if we can count it because you were not sure.

I'm not going to go online to match up windows and lights with your pic!

Just post a picture that can be easily identified by the players as your 1-Series and whatever else is supposed to be in the pic.

This is not rocket science!

But don't worry, I am not playing any longer.
I'm not bashing where you live - I'm letting you know you have no clue what you're talking about by comparing what you THINK you may see in my pic to what is around where you live.

I actually went out, because of the challenge, to a golf course and took the picture, because it's a fun game and I wanted to keep things rolling. What part about my picture ISN'T 'your 1er at a golf course'?

Re-read the rules, because no rule says 'NOT AT NIGHT'... Just have fun.

Oh and I'll be sure next time to brng my photographer along with me when I play my next round of golf so he can take a picture that suits your standards. Lol.

Anyway, I'm going to carry on. Cheers!