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i28 or i35 vert

I have been covertly stalking this forum for about 6 months now while I been deciding to buy a 1 series vert. I own a 2011 335 e92 with 6mt with the lease expiring in May. Living in Vermont I know my driving with the top down is limited. With that being said I have wanted one for a while now and with life being short I just decided to go for it.
One high class problem I am trying to sort out is n52 or n55 engine. Since I am coming from the n55 engine I am a bit worried that I will feel like the n52 is underpowered compared to the n55. I have not had the ability to test drive them as the only dealer in the state does not have any 1 series cars yet alone a vert. Since they are rear wheel drive cars they only sell a few a year. I am gong to load it up with everything except the nav for the most part. 6 sped manual is a must. Even though I can afford both there is something about spending over 50K for the vert with the n55 that is hard to get my head around. With both cars optioned out the same, there is a 4k difference in price. So even though this is subjective question is the price difference worth it. In my mind there is something about having one of the last naturally aspirated in-line 6 made by BMW that appeals to me if the car wouldn't be underpowered. Your thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.
Also with putting 4 snows on what will the winter driving be like. Again thanks for any input.
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