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Originally Posted by Cruiser View Post
Hmm. Certainly a few good ideas but worthwhile?? not so sure.
Car looks amazing BTW.

Wondering about the gains you would get by simply switching to a manual gearbox.. we know how inefficient the 125i auto is compared to the 135i box.

Still that wouldn't be a cheap exercise either plus the hassle of interior changes and recoding etc too.
I dont think any of it would be worthwhile, whether it be to the 135 or the 125. I just enjoy the research and the sourcing of parts. Like any other hobby or interest I have had, once I have a more thorough understanding of what it is about or how it works...I completely lose all interest.

Changing the transmission over would be way too expensive. Nothing wrong with the GM transmission either. I would prefer to put a 6MT in my 135i but then again, I dont miss driving manual in Sydney...maybe when I move up north.