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Originally Posted by RimasRS View Post
Is this one oem or CSL style. Looks really good.

I was always wondering how good hood and trunk for daily use of the car closing opening is it ok? How are the trunk seals doing during winter time?
So far I've had the hood for almost 2 years, and the trunk for a few days haha. I'm only using one trunk lid shock for the trunk since it's so light and using two turns it into a catapult, so if the shock ever goes bad, I have a spare

But the hood has stood up fine to daily driving abuse. It has the same connections and locks as the stock hood, and the seibon version I have isn't two-sided, so it's reinforced with fiberglass. Also, hood pins aren't necessary, since the locking mechanism isn't glued on like on full non-fiberglass carbon fiber trunks that can't be drilled through, so there's much less danger of the hood flying up during driving. As for the trunk seals, they seal up just fine with the seibon trunk, even though the fit is a little off. It's still symmetrical, but it's a little lower near the rear glass. Other than that, it seals up fine. Can't speak for the longevity, but the seals haven't been changed in the 4 1/2 years I've had the car.

Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
I've been wanting to get a CF trunk but keep thinking back and forth
I honestly wasn't going crazy for one, but found a deal I couldn't pass up and had extra Christmas money from an iPad gift I returned. For about the same amount of money as that iPad, I got the trunk and diffuser. WAY better But seriously, the trunk is actually pretty cool. It's very light, but I feel like the weight needs to be lifted more from the front than the back. The weave isn't the best, it required a bit of "fine tuning" in terms of drilling through a few punch-out holes to attach the interior insulation, and despite having a hole for the key mechanism, it doesn't fit, so I wouldn't have paid 4 digits for this trunk. It's still awesome, but even if it was a perfect quality trunk, it's not a must-have thing. The diffuser, though, is pretty cool. It's a subtle touch, but I think it complements the car perfectly. I would get the diffuser over a trunk.

Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
Any detailed pics of the rear diffuser? The lighting in your shots is a little rough for seeing the diffuser. My iCarbon one was damaged in an accident, and being that they are out of business, I'm in the market for a replacement.
I will take some tomorrow in the daylight I haven't gotten any close ups with a real camera, just iPhone pics.. which don't really show much. This post has iPhone shots, but I'm assuming you already found my more in depth photo shoot from my link up above, but the diffuser isn't close up in those. I'll take some pics, including some of the kinda blotchy areas (which aren't a huge deal at all).

Originally Posted by Brian@MWP View Post
Looks amazing! Whats next ? Maybe a front lip!
Thanks! I always want a front lip, but my bumper is cursed. It's currently cracked, scraped, bumped, and chipped. It's always gotten so many tiny chips for no reason since the day I bought the car. But still, I'd consider a front lip if it fits my BMW performance aero bumper. So far the only one I found was the OEM BMW performance one and it's too expensive for something that will probably get banged up.

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