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Originally Posted by Hobbe View Post
Why not use 15% then as ESS do if you want to promote an ESS product?
No second generation available om their homepage at this point.
Sorry, I used 16% instead of 15% for my calculations. I will let you do the math based on 15% then. Also, I am an ESS Customer and not an ESS Employee so I can promote their product based on my opinion.

As for this Tune not being on their website, please contact ESS directly as they have always been helpful and responsive. Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by Blue55 View Post
What kind of dyno?
As the picture shows it is a Dynojet.

Originally Posted by Loaded View Post
Amazing results biglare..!

Originally Posted by cmcgonag View Post
Are there any vids of your car?
Here is a vid from the track a few months back.

Originally Posted by AlpineM3E92 View Post
Yeh, what he said.

Is it "publicly" available or by "special request"?

I'm planning on ESS in the next few weeks, would obviously prefer the latest and greatest version.
I would contact ESS directly as they have always been very responsive and helpful when contacted. I'm sure they can provide you more details on this Stage 1 Gen 2 Tune.

Originally Posted by jnm View Post
How much of the power gain is due to the racing exhaust versus the tune?

Also, assuming you are in "daily driver mode", do you know if it then has an impact on gas mileage (or does it just come into effect when you press the pedal down)?
I did not dyno the car without the exhaust, sorry.

I perform a 90+ mile drive every other week and I average over 23.5mpg with speeds of 70-90mph over the 90+ miles if that helps. The city daily driving is not changed unless you mash the gas. Please keep in mind with the added power and torque it is very very difficult not to hammer it! HAHA!

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