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Originally Posted by RimasRS View Post
Dack one more question do you know by chance extended warranty for turbos is it only in US or EU also?
Or doesnt matter where but for US spec cars?
Haha... I see where you going since your car is a US spec car!

I believe the turbos and waste gates for 8 years or 82K miles, which ever come first. I think most dealers will first try to replace the WG's before replacing the turbos.

sib01 02 12 (Turbo Ext Warranty).pdf

SIB 11.13.07 N54 Distinct Clanking Noise from Turbocharger Area.pdf

I did find this awesome video on how to diagnose IF your N54 WG's are in fact rattling....

BMW Turbo Charger Rattle Problems N54 Engine (BMW Extended Warranty For Turbo's)