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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
Oh that little wing thing on the back? You call that a flat front pants?
I mean really?

Ok you are a dude....this is what you need to do...find two women...don't have sex with them at the same time...but first take them outside and put two cars, a 125 and a 135 next to each other and ask them if there is a difference. Odds are they will say yeah one is black and the other is blue.

They can’t tell you which one has the bigger balls….due to its lack of flat front pants showing off its ample summer sausage!

Then go off and have sex with the two willing ladies and wonder what kind of bling you can put on your 135 to make it look more well endowed than that wimpy 125.
I like the unassuming nature of my car. Girls find it cute guys find it to be a bulldog...its fun and girls actually are ok with being seen in cute cars

If you wanted something with madz ballssszzz yo you shouldve bought an evo or sti.

Bmws arent about showing your package...theyre about taking down the punks who do while being dressed to kill in your best blazer.