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My CA forwarded me an email from the BMW center new car manager with an updated Vehicle Inquiry Report showing a production number and a 112 order status code. Called the 800 number and the automated status it says it is "scheduled for production with no confirmed production date yet". Spoke to a customer rep and they said the status showed that the production number had been assigned to a "daily production pack", but he was not able to tell me what the production date would be.

The CA email said that they were able to advance production approximately 3 weeks, which would place delivery in mid to late April (based on the early May date I was given originally). I'm hoping that since I now have a production number that I may be seeing it sooner than that, but I guess I'll have to keep checking the 800 number to see when the status changes to give me a production date.

From reading some other threads, it appears that now with a valid production number, status 112 and priority 1, I can pretty much count on getting the car eventually!

Feb 9th update: vehicle at Bremerhaven awaiting a ship. Online OC was stuck at "Processing Order" with vehicle added using the production number, but when I added the vehicle using the partial VIN it updated to "Production Ends" with the correct colors/options.
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