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'New' eBay Front Lips

I thought I'd have a look, as I do once in a while and two 'new' styles have popped up that I thought I'd bring to your attention.

1. First up, a Vorsteiner copy I believe, isn't it?

2. Next up, Louiellp has had a go and making their own. I've never seen this style before; kind of looks like iCarbon crossbread with something else.

3. There's also this. The picture is bad but it kind of looks like Hamman mated with Slek; as in the middle part appears to meet with the bumper as does Slek, it stick forward as does Slek however, it has small fins at the side as does Hamman.

Edit: actually on the last one forget my comment, it's just a cr@p photo showing a cr@p Hamman copy.