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my E85 Z4 was notorious for running rough when the oil got old. It was so bad that after i got the vehicle back after an oil change it felt like i got another 20 HP. Thinking that they flashed the ECU or something while it was there or reset it at the very least I decided to change the oil myself the next time. Sure enough same thing. After that i started short changing the oil myself in between their chage intervals and didnt experience the issue. I cannot prove it but i think it is because the oil they use is so thick n the first place. if you take the BMW approved oil and compare it to say a equivelent synthetic oil such as Castroil Fully Synthetic you can feel the difference. The Castroil will feel more like a fluid where the BMW oil will feel like it is sticking to ya. I am not receommending to change to Castrol but I am just using it to compare between. So if the 1series is similar i can see how this oil change would make a difference. I have changed the oil once in it since i got it and since it is primarily the wifes car I dunno if it really made any difference but i do monitor the E89 Z4 after oil changes. Well see if this still holds true.