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Winter Meet! Come join us :)

Hey everyone, we decided it would be "cool" to have a WINTER MEET! This is for all the hardcore BMW members, people that are sensitive to the cold need not apply This invitation is being sent out to all our BMW Canada section members on this forum. We thought it would be nice for the BMW GTA community to come together as a whole a few times each year....why not? We all love our BMWs

Originally we were looking at Feb 2nd or 3rd as the meet date. However people noted that Feb 2nd was not good because some people work on that day, and recently people noted that Feb 3rd was not good because its Superbowl Sunday. So we changed it to Feb 10th, and then I was told its Chinese New Years!! lolsss So its back to Feb 3rd!! Sorry Superbowl fans

Therefore, the WINTER MEET will happen on Feb 3rd 2013, starting at 5:30pm at the 3rd Floor Parking Garage at the Shops at Don Mills. The Shops at Don Mills is near the Don Valley Parkway and 401. It gives easy access to everyone, though I understand we are asking the people on the west to reach out. I believe the meeting spot is worth the trek. Our next meet will be on the west side to be fair

Don Mills Map:

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Don Mills Map showing location of Tim Hortons and Starbucks:
(Buy coffee before you come to the meet!! If anyone passes by (security) we can at least show that we used the coffee shops....also you might need some coffee to stay warm)

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Today, I visited a few parking garages around this time to see if they were empty and could accommodate us. We decided this year not to be cruel, and pick a spot in an enclosed parking lot so we don't freeze.

The 3rd Floor Parking Garage at the Shops as Don Mills was empty. You need to take the ramp up (there is only 1 ramp in the parking garage), and when you get to the 3rd floor, turn RIGHT. You will see the empty space below:

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So now that the date, time, and location is finalized, I hope to see people there!! Feel free to sign up! We will also bring some swag to the meet, so an idea of how many people will show up would be great!

PLEASE DO NOT REV UP YOUR CARS AS YOU ARE COMING UP THE RAMP!! We do not want to get kicked out. I am a big guy, if you do this, or anything that would get us kicked out, I will jump on your car. Picture Ehonda + Street Fighter + Bonus Round:

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01. Havok
02. Surendrant
03. Desi4Life
04. Zebra99
05. 335alive
06. Nemo07
07. redlineryder
08. Dr.G
09. Johnniewalker (Any date)
10. Revision2 (Not confirmed, but his ass better show up regardless)
11. pepep
12. ///Mandy
13. Chriskm3
14. Kbimmer
15. BennyJones
16. techy1
17. ASPEC135i
18. PhudiBandiT
19. ///AhmadZ
20. farbmw
21. StyleBimma
22. shaginwagon13
23. 135IS
24. Big1
25. Superfly_M3
26. v_bimmer
27. canadian stig
29. Photoman
30. Seagull
31. WonderWoman
32. mikal7
33. can128
34. bling_singh
35. boman993
36. NiceAndSlow
37. d-burn
38. demontwinz
39. andrey_gta
40. MarcoE93
41. gunda
42. dbworld4k
43. Jason_e92
44. Aritaurus
46. abhishriv
47. ninja2

Facebook page as reference (We will add this to our events page):

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