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As far as I know Calloway Turbo cars back in the day used the Evans coolant in their Caloway (TT) Vette. Anyone remember the Sledge Hammer Calloway built? That car used Evans coolant from what I was told back then.

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The reason why Calloway was keen in running the Evans coolant was for engine ping suppression. AND they did not have to reduce the CR of a turbo engine. In with Evans race NA engines... they ran really high CR's like 16:1 or so.

Then Canton/Mecca in CT ran a Camero in Trans Am racing with the Evans coolant. Canton/Mecca use to sell the stuff. But from what I remember it wasn't cheap. It was also fully bio degradable and edible!

My buddy who was running this coolant in a Calloway Golf was very positive about the stuff... until he blew a small coolant hose near his turbo - dumping coolant onto his HOT turbo. Seems this stuff was fully non flammable until some super hot temps... which turbos run at! He had a small engine fire as the result of it!

He then went back to regular coolant after the engine repairs.